There are hundreds of cycling tour sites, if not more.  As you start exploring, you’ll encounter terms such as guided, SAG (Support And Gear) supported, self-guided, self-contained, fully-supported, van supported or independent.  In addition, to deciphering what these mean to tour operators, you’ll also need to decide where you want to go, determine who’ll travel with you,  and define your budget. Most importantly, you’ll need to answer ‘does the package offered MATCH my needs and desires?’  With all this information how are you going to decide how and where to tour? 
Your time to research or find a tour match is limited by work constraints and family commitments.  Your budget is similarly limited.  

Build Your Tour expedites your search and attempts to fit your budget with custom searches, custom plans and our “Experienced Tour Plans.”  

But  ‘No Sam, you cannot have the Mercedes van personally lead you, feed you and deliver your luggage to your 5-star hotel room on a 300 mile tour for only $50 a day.’ As a general rule we’ve found the more support promised by a tour operator – the greater the price charged to cyclists.  We bet you’ve found that out also!

If you want to meet other cyclists and to be pampered, Build Your Tour can direct you to tour companies providing 5-star services.  If you’re willing to spend $500 per person per day or more like $200, we can serve as your travel consultant.  Or we’ll find the tour operator for your group of 16 road cycling hammerheads. Want to tour ‘self-guided’ with your luggage moved? You bet we’re happy to assist.

But say you are more adventurous and independent and your budget says ‘gotta be frugal this tour.’  Then Build Your Tour is the perfect fit!  We have often found tours require tweaking of the route, increasing or decreasing the number of days, or staying in different places.  In other words, modifying the tour in some way to make it our tour.  When we spend our dollars, we want to get exactly what we want.  Contact us to design your tour while allowing you full control of the what, where, how, when and why! 

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