Why are you not planning your next tour?  Fitness?  Finances?  Time?  Uncertainty? 

All these factors and more certainly support procrastination but consider this.  Jeroen Nawijn found that people planning a vacation were happier than those not going away.  He suggests this may be due to anticipation. (Jeroen Nawijn, Erasmus University in Rotterdam and NHTV Breda University of Applied Sciences, published online, Applied Research in Quality of Life, 2010) Nawijn suggested that people are likely to derive more happiness from two or more short breaks throughout the year, rather than a single longer break.  Without any other supporting research, Build Your Tour suggests long-range planning (up to a year in advance) also increases your anticipation and happiness levels.  Also, Nawijn counsels using vacation products which are as stress-free as possible.  

Make planning your next tour effortless.  Build Your Tour custom service designs a plan to fit your fitness, budget and calendar.  And your plan is flexible. Finalize travel arrangements when you are certain. Go ahead! Pump up your happiness quotient!

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