Operating a cycling tour company is a study in imagination…. imagining what guests want when they are on a cycling vacation.  The variables are as endless as the roads in the destinations we offer.

At Outfitter Bicycle Tours we keep the following rules in mind as we build each Guided and Self-Guided tours.

  1. Create an experience that the guests will always remember fondly. This includes planning surprise excursions, special inclusions, fun group activities as a part of guided tour agendas, and much much more. For example, we do a group Tour de France Jeopardie game as a part of our TdF tours. Our Provence guide also is known for creating surprise activities after your daily ride.  And to remember and share the tour experience we include Build Your Tour’s Photo Books as one of the inclusions on select tours.
  2. Ensure support by friendly guides/concierges.  We have the best team, hands down.  We use locals that speak English fluently, and come from customer service backgrounds. We like to call our guide “concierge” because they are offering much more than simply ensuring that you get from point A to point B on your bike.  They are there to ensure that your ENTIRE tour is wonderful and memorable.
  3. Use Only Comfortable Accommodations. Local family owned hotels are best, and that is what we target.  An authentic experience with hotels that we have personally vetted are the best way to ensure a positive hotel visit.  We know the owners of most of the hotels we use on a personal level, not because we were able to settle on a business relationship through a contract. Our hotels generally exceed their rating.
  4. Create Worry Free Routing.  No one wants a distraction from their vacation.  Much less do they want to find themselves lost in a foreign country.  It can be scary!  Just like learning math in school, each of us has certain ways to learn, absorb and translate riding directions and routing.  That is why we provide three different methods of routing on our tours:  1) GPS course downloads for your GPS unit, 2) traditional cue sheet, and 3) written prose describing each turn and the surrounding area.  These methods are then supported by a road map (in most destinations local-area Michelin Maps are provided).  Follow the route the way you prefer, and your chances of getting lost are very small.  Plus our guides are always available to help.  Stay tuned for news about GPS units available on our self guided tours at some of our destinations in 2015.
  5. Provide High Touch and Personal Attention with Custom Options. We’re a small company, and like it that way.  When you email or call OBT you are working with us – Jamie & Joy, not a salesperson on a phone bank.  We’re here to create YOUR vacation experience, not fit you into our schedule or put you on another cookie cutter tour. 

We are constantly evolving, changing to the needs and requests of our guests.  Keeping our tours and options exciting and personal is our top priority!  Come join us some time, and enjoy a Build Your Tour’s Photo Book either as a tour inclusion or via a nice discount!

Joy & Jamie Gilpin

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