Our Favorites

Great people. Great tours. We know because we rode them. These seven operators all offer indoor lodging accommodations. Scroll down to see Colorado “camping” tours, to search our store for available tour or event photo books and more. Contact us to talk tours!

  • 109 West Tour – As the official photo book supplier for the 2013 – 2015 109 West tours, Build Your Tour photo books grace the home of many of the riders. Unfortunately this AWESOME event was postponed in 2016 and canceled in 2017. Sad to see it go.
  • Bicycle touring the Italian way with ABCycle Tours…join our friends Angelo and Annemaria in various regions of Italy. For advanced riders.
  • We’ve cycled several times with Colorado HeartCycle, a local Colorado tour “club.” Always a great value and great riding.
  • Glenn & Nancy Erickson and crew offer excellent value for fantastic European group tours. Glenn built our first tandem.
  • Le Monastere in Limoux, France. The London Financial Times describes this inn as a “luxurious small hotel.” Up to 11 guests enjoy personalized attention from our friend Chris. We’re not the only cyclists who visit regularly.
  • Okay, we haven’t toured with Outfitter Tours …. yet. But we want to. We met as our tour and their tour overlapped in France. Then we ran into Jamie again at the Bicycle Tourism conference. Great folks! Great fun!
  • Not only does Santana build quality tandems, Bill & Jan host exceptional tandem tours. Give them our best if you’re fortunate enough to join them. And singles are welcome!
  • Heading to California for a tour? Check out Undiscovered Country for some of the best west coast rides!


These three Colorado tours offer both outdoor and indoor camping options as well as lodging alternatives. We’ve enjoyed each of these tours a number of times.

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