109 West

Our annual “photograph & ride” week-long bicycle tour through the Four Corners region of Colorado. Both  off-the-shelf books and personal designs are a hit.

Bicycle Virginia

One of the first tours to take advantage of our photo book giveaway prize. Their photos + our design = great memories!

Colorado HeartCycle

This non-profit volunteer organization leads tours worldwide. We’ve volunteered, completed several tours and designed books of their trips.


Colorado Rocky Mountain Bike Tour offers some of our favorite week-long loop rides. Peter puts on a great event for well over 300 riders. Our books commemorate their 7-days!

Indian Peaks Classic

Great fun meeting and riding with pros during the two-day event. Sponsors and VIPs received copies of the book to thank them for their support of the Just Go Harder foundation.

Outfitter Bicycle Tour

We met Jamie & Joy while cycling in St Jean de Maurienne, France. We’ve provided a book to every guest of their annual Tour de France trip since.

Ride the Rockies

RTR may have too large a group to get a picture of you in their book – so we offer a Silent Auction “personal book design” for their fundraising.

Santana Adventures

Tandem riders on Santana’s cruises purchased “customized” versions with their own added images for extra special adventure swag.

Your Tour

Grow your event and increase participant loyalty by adding a souvenir photo book to the SWAG for your guests! Professional design & print using riders’ images with little or no cost to you. Distribute, use in an auction, sell – your choice.

I suggest a 8.5×11 inch, 40 page, landscape book for the majority of week-long tours.
An average of over 3 pictures per page allows space for
130-140 images in your book.

Let’s design a book your cyclists would enjoy.
Allow me to help your guests remember your tour

Promote your tour with links to your event on our site,
Advertise your tour on our Facebook page and in our newsletter,
Sell your tour photo book at a pre-tour discount,
Collect, organize and select images best suited to your book,
Perfect the images for best effect (crop, exposure, etc.),
Size images appropriately for page placement,
Creatively position the images, in chronological order, in the photo book,
Identify key points-of-interest, elevations, cyclists, miles, awards, moments,
Summarize tour highlights,
Provide additional discounts for cyclists providing images,
Ship printed books to your participants (in the US & Canada)

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For individual, small group and other book design inquiries,
or for information on how to purchase another copy, please contact us.

*We may also be available to serve as an event photographer. Contact us.