Don’t you just crave a nice floor pump when you’re on a tour? Sure you can always “try” to use that nearly useless little thing on your bicycle that was sold to you as a pump. Usually those small pumps just leave cyclists frustrated.


If you’re on a group tour, you can go wait in a line and share whatever pump the tour organizers have brought or search out someone that has a workable option to top of your tires. Finding a pump can be tiresome and take up some valuable time.

Those travellers going more-or-less self-supported may be willing to carry something a bit larger than the standard mountable (pocketable) pumps. We’ve used several generations of the Topeak Road Morph and love the built-in gauge. We also appreciate the foot pad and T-handle. Both the pad and handle fold-out but can feel a bit small or may need a little bit extra padding or support. Even though the initial fill is tedious the Morph is a champ ! For an “on-the-bike” option, we think this is the best way to go for touring. The Morph is also the best choice if you’re only bringing a single pump.

But we still want MORE! This past summer in France, we decided to purchase a floor pump in Paris to stash in our hotel rooms in the Alps. 

At BHV Velo in Paris, we found an inexpensive ($30) floor pump. Granted it doesn’t have a gauge and it is made out of plastics but this sturdy, light-weight pump (21 oz), made by Michelin, served us well in France. With its broad handle and sturdy foot pad, it allowed us to fill our 4 tires up lickety-split and traveled easily from place to place. In fact it worked so well, we packed it home AND brought it along in our luggage for our next tour. Our Michelin floor-pump will be on all our upcoming tours for as long as it lasts. So the next time you’re in Europe, search out a place to buy a real floor pump. Maybe you’ll end up with the best floor pump to “pack along” just like we did.
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