Just last Sunday I arrived home from a nearly 500-mile, week-long tour in Colorado. What FUN! We had a bit of rain here and there but most of us managed to dodge the drops.

During the first few days home, the inevitable catch-up chores, regular errands and work filled the hours and the body was thankful for the recovery. But, what the heck, the thunderstorms of Tuesday preceded a drizzly Wednesday.  Now I don’t mind riding

in a little rain,  but on and off showers during the entire span of day-light hours is not my cup of tea. This is not Seattle (sorry for stereo-typing, I don’t know how you manage on a regular basis). This is Denver! You know, about 70% of our days are filled with sunshine in the Front Range.

I’m trying not to go absolutely stir-crazy with wondering when can I ride?

Well not yet because right now with the clouds beginning to break up and the roads still wet is one of the most dangerous time to ride in the rain that you probably didn’t know about. That’s because as the rain stops:

  • Riders tend to relax their focus as the road surface dries
  • SunlIght can reflect brightly into your eyes and motorists’ eyes from puddles
  • Slick spots remain on painted and metallic surfaces
  • Road grime continues to splash into your gears

But I’ve got to move. Outside. I’m going for a walk!

Tail winds and thanks for reading!  
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