There is a notable amount of equipment, effort and experience that goes into making a photo book. To produce a truly high-quality product, you’ll also need to consider acquiring some significantly priced hardware and software. Let’s tally up those costs.

IMAGE CAPTURE EQUIPMENT                    $1239
DSLR Camera                                      $ 700
GoPro Camera & extra batteries     $539 (optional)

PROCESSING EQUIPMENT                          $ 1131
Image-processing laptop PC             $ 734
Photo processing SW                         $ 228
Color display calibration HW            $ 169

TOUR COST (sample)                                   $1446
Sample Lodging                                   $ 1286
Transportation (fuel)                           $  160

BOOK PRINTING COSTS (per copy*)          $30-63  +
Printed Book (base 40 pgs)                 $ 48
Shipping (including to YOU)                $ 6-15

Highest Quality (best paper, print)    $ 48
High Quality                                           $ 35
Average Quality                                     $ 32
Lower Quality**                                    $ 55 (actual $28)
Lowest Quality                                       $ 24

DESIGN HOURS                                              $179
Calculate Your Design Time                       14 hours***
(includes collect images from group, select, process and place in layout)

TOTAL                                          $4058
to acquire the camera equipment, the hardware & software to processing the images; to attend the tour; to pay the book printer and to allocate a small fee for your design time.

But say you already have the camera and processing equipment and have budgeted your vacation dollars for the tour. Yes, you can produce a photo book for much less……………….your new
GRAND TOTAL                             $242

And you’re not concerned about the time to process the images and layout your book or to acquire the software / design skills. So revise the number again………….
REVISED TOTAL                             $63

So what is the key mistake in undervaluing your photo book. It’s your time or the professional time and experience that goes into each project. We’re happy to help out with that. Simply contact us at for more photo book design assistance.

Tail winds and thanks for reading!  
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