We’re excited and proud about one of the best compliments we could ever receive. So we thought we’d shout it out.

One of our long-term cycling pals, and a recipient of a few of our tour photo books, designed and ordered a photo book of her own after a recent tour. We were fortunate to view the book the other day and were entranced with the images. Made us want to go ride up and over those Swiss mountains!

Our friend gathered up images from several cyclists in the group, used a classic layout similar to Build Your Tour’s and produced a coffee-table ready book. We thought the end product was great!  And we felt complimented that she’d followed our lead to memorialize a special tour.

Interestingly, we noted her comments about the hours required to learn the software, gather the images and design her project. Even though she indicated that this was a “one time” endeavor, we hope another project is in the offing since we love seeing the places she travels.

Sure there was a bit of imitation and although flattery by definition is insincere, we found the experience to be sincere praise of our work. And it was one of the best compliments we could receive.

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