We help busy people design photo books for parties, events, celebrations, anniversaries,
retirements, adventures, unique vacations 
and more. We specialize in commemorating events such as bicycle tours for small groups!

We help busy people remember wonderful times!

Eliminate time and aggravation from your photo book design project. Our design
process delivers a high-quality print book to you easily and quickly, giving you a
premiere custom, professionally-designed souvenir to relive your precious memories.

COLLECTION –  Secure, private photo sharing for your, and your group’s, photographs
SELECTION – Professional image review to choose THE ULTIMATE SET for your photo book
PERFECTION – Cropping, exposure, color checks and more for the best natural look
COMPOSITION – Years of professional experience for a clean, elegant layout
PERSONALIZATION – Bringing YOUR vision to life

Done for you to create your best photo book yet!

Taking Images

The best assortment of pictures means big, many, large, lots –
just send me as many pictures as you can, in as large as size as possible and
from as many of your friends and devices as possible.
Find more hints at Taking Images.


Collecting Images

We recommend SmugMug (I will set up a private page for you) or
Dropbox (dropbox.com).  Once your private, secure page is set up,
you and your friends simply click and drag images to the shared gallery.

Upload daily on a multi-day tour and avoid the risk of lost pictures due to an accident
such as a broken, stolen or damaged camera or filled SD card.


If you would prefer to use another method
(email, disc or a USB thumb drive), I’ll return any media you send.


Selecting Images

One of the hardest aspects of photo book creation is selecting the proper images.
It can feel like you have too many of one person or location and none at all of that picturesque castle.
It’s difficult to discard any of your own pictures.

Any selection process should use the best images you, or your group, submit.
I know which images to eliminate, so your book will focus on the ones to
enhance your memories. My criteria include photos in focus and technically the cleanest images;
pictures that tell the story of your event or tour and evoke excitement, wonder, or humor;
chronological completeness so no day in a multi-day trip is excluded;
images that fit your criteria for the feel of the event and
certainly the special moments you want included!

Trogir Croatia – Adriatic Cruise


I call it perfection. It’s when I take your picture and make it picture perfect.
I make each of your images as perfect as they can be using Adobe Lightroom
global edits (no “photoshopping”). To perfect each image, I may
crop to eliminate distractions or focus on the subject, adjust exposure
& colors for accurate display, straighten to vertical features or a horizontal horizon,
reduce red-eye and size to confirm adequate pixels for print image quality.



I’ll design your photo book faster, easier and with better quality than if you take the time to do it yourself.
Save yourself the time and avoid the aggravation. You’ll have your book on your coffee-table sooner!


Since the ’80s I’ve believed clean, elegant layouts help your pictures
pop off the pages with either black or white backgrounds. You’ll receive a beautifully printed book
– an heirloom saving family memories for years. If you’d like something else, I’ll know how to do it!

Photo books for individuals and for bicycle tours with hundreds of participants.
Birthday parties, retirement parties, anniversary trips or commemorations, vacations and more.
We’ll start by discussing the numerous design decisions and invoice you before we ship
your book(s). The design fee for 40-pages with up to160 images is $190.00.

Tandem bicycles in Montenegro

Montenegro – Adriatic Cruise

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