We went out to dinner last night and I was pleasantly surprised to see a woman present a photo book to another woman at a table to my right. The second woman was “oo-ing” and “aa-ing” as she explored page after page of images. It was apparently an appreciated gift.

I thought “that’s pretty cool. Great to see other people producing their own photo books!”

Shortly thereafter another couple was seated to my left. They ordered their wine and were evidently celebrating some sort of event. The woman presented a large green gift bag to her husband (according to the wedding on his finger). Out came another photo book. I didn’t have to eavesdrop to be able to hear “oh, you did a photo book of our …” He turned from page to page, his voice carrying phrases to my ears such as “I like this one” and “you put this one in too. Nice.” Again, the photo book obviously was a welcome present.

People like something solid to hold in their hands. Not everyone wants a Kindle or a Nook. Some prefer a paperback. And nearly everyone prefers a book to a laptop or a “shoebox full of images” to flip through wonderful memories. At Build Your Tour we’ve been designing photo books for over 28 years. We’d be happy to help you design yours!

Tail winds and thanks for reading!
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