Getting out on my bicycle makes me feel SO good. Non-riders just do not comprehend how I can risk my body and life on a bicycle on a tiny, narrow mountain road among various large trucks, impatient motorists and the myriad of dangerous situations they imagine.

But riding makes me feel SO good. Maybe it IS an addiction.  What do you think? I’m not the first to ask the question. Others have explored the topic. 


Yesterday, I hopped on my beloved, trusted, “laid down”, dirty, 10-year-old, coupled, carbon bike nicknamed “Elsie” and had a great, though only an hour-long, training ride. I thought and pondered as I pedalled. How much longer is the Galibier climb than this climb?  In miles?  In vertical elevation? How long would that take me to climb that classic? Doing math in my head is one way I enter my active meditation zone. And yesterday’s arithmetic gymnastics told me, it’s a LONG WAY up the Col du Galibier and, yes, I was in my zone.

I matched a PR up the local climb on a cool, damp, cloudy day and loved every minute of it. Woo hoo I thought as I hit that lap button and saw my time. Just enough time to add a little bit more mileage and head back down the hill. Post-ride I felt rejuvenated, fit, alive, ready to go and plain, old .. GOOD!  Oh, ya, I was hungry too! Today, I’m craving to be out again.  Cycling must be an addiction.  Right?

You know that feeling. The ALIVE feeling when you’ve cleaned up and are sitting down to a tasty meal after a long day in the saddle. The KNOWING you can eat and enjoy because cycling is who you are more than what you do. The LOVING appreciation of your equipment and amazement and the simple two-wheeled invention. The GNAWING anxiety if your cleats, shoes, pedals, saddle height are wrong. The SERENITY of being alone on a ride – even amongst thousands at a charity event. The CAMARADERIE of sharing ride and food stories and plans. And we know so much more. Because cycling is our addiction.

Enough said…………..I gotta go feed my addiction!

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