PictureA wonderful ride on April 20th, 2013. Lookout Mountain above Golden, CO.

I don’t know about you but the issue most on my mind these days centers on staying focused, positive and progressing through spring training.  How to stay positive through a variety of frustrations and challenges?

On March 3rd, I laid down my bike sustaining road rash on my right knee, shoulder and face.  Plus I sustained injuries (contusion, bruising) to my right hand and jaw.  Through the recovery I rode on the indoor trainer and returned to my serious outdoor riding in early April.  (I still had a little bump on my chin and soreness in the hand.)

Then on April 15th, I twisted my ankle. Swelling blew up immediately to the size of a hand ball.  So back onto the couch with more anti-inflammatories in my blood stream.  Visions of our summer Alps tour becoming a death march instead of a delightful sojourn began haunting me.

Time to pull my ancient mantra out of moth balls:

  • I can’t change the weather or nature’s conditions,
  • I can’t change the past to undo recent events,
  • I can do the best I can going forward,
  • I have years of training in my legs,
  • I have been in a similar place before, so
  • Go ride!
  • Make each ride a quality ride!
  • Remember to have FUN!

As it turns out, I’m not the only one struggling this spring.  I received Chris Carmichael’s email expounding on the topic with reliable training advice after I’d begun my posting. Chris Carmichael’s Saving-Your-Season-from-a-Lingering-Winter  

Did I mention Colorado has been receiving a good amount of snow this April along with tulip-killing temperatures?  So if you’re feeling similarly maybe my mantra or Chris’ training tips will help.  SNAP OUT OF IT!  Gather your buds, select a favorite route and GO!  It may just adjust your attitude.

Tail winds and thanks for reading!


Great cycling friends….


and some terrific climbing.


Attitude adjusted!

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