Don’t you just hate getting the hiccups? How do you get rid of them?

Well, I didn’t really get the hiccups but unfortunately my ride did. 

My bike had been travelling for 5 of the preceeding 7 weeks. The busy nature of a bike tour means she hadn’t been getting the attention she wanted or deserved. So on Friday a bad case of the hiccups arrived.

There I was pedalling up an 8% section of Rabbit Ears Pass out of Steamboat Springs, Colorado. We were on the way to Walden with the Colorado Rocky Mountain Bicycle Tour and the chain began hopping, hiccuping and generally disrupting the ride.

I truly appreciated the terrific cyclists on the ride who tried their usual remedies. Not the “hold your breathe” or “boo” tactics you’d use on another person. No, we tried adjusting the rear derailleur cable and hand-loosening chain links. (Boy, that was messy!) But, just like us, the hiccups ignored the simple cures and ….hic…. continued.

Fortunately this organized group tour included mechanical support and, voila, after a 1/2 hour of attention from Gene (from Washington and his Screaming Monkey) my bicycle was all ready to go again. Hiccup free! The mechanical support of a private tour or a large organized ride is a major benefit when bicycle touring if you’re not handy to fix all the little hiccups that could come your way on the road.

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