When I flat, I’m pretty good at removing the bad tube and inserting another. I’m not so good at reaching “capacity” with the little portable pumps. If I’m with a small group, changing a flat is a SMOOTH process. Instead of doing it all on my own, one cyclist works at collecting all the “necessaries” while another searches for the location of the puncture. While one busily pumps, another puts all the bits and pieces away.  Either way changing the tube and getting under way again is pretty straightforward.

For the most part, this is the same process I’ve seen cyclists following hundreds of times as others of us ask “Got everything?” I’ve also seen cyclists:

  • Simply pump up a flat (could get you home in a few miles), 
  • Walking their bicycle (really? riding at just a few mph for a short distance is OK)
  • Changing the tube with the wheel in the drops (didn’t stick around to see how that turned out).

But I’d never seen this before. This cyclist is unique in his method of flat tire repair. Hector Picard is UNIQUE. I spied his video on Facebook last October. Marvel at his skills and the incredible ingenuity of humans…..Anyone else feeling less adept at changing your tire now? 

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