We were fit and ready to ride the great Northwest and ferry-hop between the San Juan Islands on our 1-year old custom TANDEM. We were game for an entire week of cyclo-touring. Sure the morning was a bit drizzly in Seattle but we had some Rainier cherries tucked into a saddle bag and rain gear. It was no big deal as we headed into the lovely green country-side after our ferry ride over to Bremerton, Washington with the group. 

Somewhere along the way we stopped in a town with Scandinavian flavor for a coffee and pastry with the other riders on the trip. Since it was our first day we were just in the “getting-to-know-you” phase. Several rolly-polly miles down the road there was a dromedary totally out of place munching on greens. And then we approached the forewarned Hood Canal Bridge. 

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The Hood Canal floating bridge is well-known in those parts and had a reputation with our tour guides too! We were told repeatedly of it’s great length (well over a mile) and the danger it presents to cyclists. “Use caution. Go slow.” They’d repeated again and again.

Well that day in 2001 there was a mighty troll living under the far-end of the bridge. 

And the troll ended our tour. Even though we proceeded with extreme caution, the metallic cheese-grater surface pulled our tandem wheels out from under us just 500 feet (of the 7,867′ total) from returning to “dry” land. The 10-mph SLAM DOWN onto the metal roadway and curb left both of us with injuries….bruised ribs, deep gouges and one broken humerus near the shoulder. 

PictureCourtesy: McMinn Law (Austin, TX)

We were fortunate. We were reminded of the incredible abundance of caring, kind people in the world as we were rescued. And the tour group returned much of the deposits and funds we’d paid. Still we had a chunk of unexpected, out-of-pocket expenses. If we’d had travel insurance, reimbursement probably would’ve been smoother, faster and provided more funds. Now we consider travel insurance for EVERY tour!

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Tail winds and thanks for reading! 
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