We recently returned from a Colorado HeartCycle tour in Fredericksburg, Texas, one of the “must-ride” destinations that should be on every cyclists list.

Our group of cyclists was fun, encouraging, inspirational, friendly, amazing, warm, experienced, laid-back and, generally, GREAT to be with for the week.

We were supported by two fantastic SAG drivers. And they took good care of us – particularly with the multitude of edibles. The dark chocolate covered mangos, the dark chocolate coconut, the cashew crunch squares, the lacey cookies, the trifle dessert and M&Ms at lunch were VERY TEMPTING.  Plus the tour was paced casually enough to result in extra pounds going ON instead of coming OFF.  

Previously I had a love/hate relationship with food on bicycle tours. My love was based on my belief that since I’m riding I must be burning enough calories to indulge “a bit”. Wherever we’ve toured, tasty treats or something new to savour was presented. “You have to try the special jalapeno corn bread,” their special-recipe beans and the brisket – don’t you? Well yes. But after all the chewable happiness has passed the lips and headed toward the hips, my feelings would turn to disappointment that I gave in to the temptations available such as Texas BBQ and the free breakfast waffles at the hotel.

What to do instead? Simple….but not easy. Just enjoy and drop the negative thoughts. Remember your tour is your vacation and it is your chance to INDULGE in more time on your bike, connecting with like-minded cyclists and experiencing new sights, sounds and TASTES! Back at home, find time to ride and refocus. Throw in a few intervals to jettison any negative thoughts as well as extra calories. And return to the regular habits that keep you a lean, mean cycling-machine. So remember to ENJOY ALL the next tour has to offer too! On and off the bike!

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