Through the years there have been numerous discussions about which wheel size is the best.
The Bicycle Touring Pro, Darren Alff, wrote about 700c vs 26″ in 2009. The May 2016 issue of Bicycling had an infographic on the topic. We’ve heard from tandem manufacturers that “700s are the fastest!”
Here is one more thing for you to consider when looking for your fastest wheels, especially for those of you piloting more than one person. How big are your feet?
Our tandem riding experience has shown us that 26″ wheels are faster for us! Why? Because of the size of the captain’s feet.
At a tidy 13 ½ shoe size, my captain felt the need to be extra cautious on turns causing us to lose speed following a pack through corners in town or on a mountain descent. His toe could touch the front tire at a variety of angles. It wouldn’t be pretty.
So we opted for the smaller  26″ wheels on future tandems. You can see the clearance we now have. And, maybe, we’re a bit faster!
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