Picture“Daina has been planning European trips & adventures for us since 1996. Over the years our trips have emphasized many different kinds of experiences: hiking, traveling by train, cruising by small sailing vessels etc. In every instance Daina has brought a bounty of knowledge that she has used to create the perfect experience for us.  Her photo albums are a must. Years later as we revisit our trips through the albums Daina created for us – places and details that we have forgotten through the fog of time come to life for us. Daina’s knowledge is so vast that she can change and adapt itineraries in real time based on the unexpected, whether it be stormy weather or an ankle sprain.  If you want to go to Europe and you want your trip specifically designed for you then Build Your Tour is the service for you.” – Chris & Dawn (970.946.3997, dwtruax@gmail.com)

February 2014 Podcast – Founder, Daina Kalnins, speaks with JP Stonestreet

“… great job of planning our riding on the Big Island in Hawaii (November 2011). It made everything easy. From where to rent our bikes to where to stop for a snack and coffee. Within a few weeks of getting home, we got the final treat, which was a book memorializing our trip. We look at the book regularly to remember the great time that we had.” – Jon, Big Island Hawaii 2011
 “… once again, did a fantastic job designing the trip album. All of our family and friends really got to experience the trip by looking at the book. Without .. efforts, all we’d have is a bunch of miscellaneous and disorganized photos.” – Jon, Colorado Rocky Mountain Bike Tour 2012


“Have you ever gone on vacation only to return with a camera full of pictures that you never look at again? Well no longer. Just give Daina access to your pictures and she will produce a professional-quality book with select pictures (you don’t have to agonize over which ones to include) that you will be able to share with your cycling friends for many years – long after the pictures in your computer have been deleted by accident. She won’t procrastinate like you will. It will get done at a reasonable price. I have two books she produced for us. They are the only ones my friends look at.” -Alan, France 2011 and Abruzzo 2007


Picture“My wife and I went on a trip that Daina planned for us into the heart of Tour de France territory in the Pyrenees. Our goal was to hit as many HC climbs as we could in a short period of time. Daina put us in exactly the right spot – great location, centrally located hotel with a terrific restaurant, and all the maps and directions not only for our biking, but to and from the airport. She even arranged the rental van that would hold all bikes, bike boxes and gear. Great trip. I would do it again in a heartbeat.” – Kate and Alan, France 2002