There are days when I’m off on a long solo ride and I need to stop. You know. 

Since I ride for time and distance, I’m not carrying that big ol’ cable or chain lock. But when I pop into an establishment for a coffee, extra snack or a nature break, I don’t want my transportation leaving without me.

All these techniques (except the last) will all take ADDITIONAL TIME on your part but they are simple ways to make it more difficult for a thief to walk off with your baby. Securely lock your frame and/or select one or more:

  • Take the front wheel off – take it with you!
  • Take the rear wheel off – take it with you!
  • Take your wheels off & lock your wheels to your frame with a light cable that you snake back & forth. Make it painful!
  • Clip your helmet to your wheels and frame.
  • Velcro your gloves to spokes and bicycle parts.
  • Raise the saddle as high as it can go.
  • Clamp your brake down (velcro the brake lever).
  • Remove a pedal (tougher to execute unless your pedals are fairly loose and you’ve a wrench the right size).
  • Or get a new kind of bicycle lock at Lock8.

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Tail winds and thanks for reading! 
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