Taking a break from training on your bike is rejuvenating. Makes you feel, a bit, like you’re a kid again.  One great way to ride AND feel the same way is to use your two-wheeler as transportation to an event. We just rode to the 2014 FedEx Cup BMW Championship. Here are our 7 tips!

  • Plan your change of shoes and appropriate attire for the event.
  • Bring your apparel along in a drawstring backpack  — clear if possible to meet event security requirements
  • Leave your Garmin, bike computers, heart rate monitors at home. 
  • Use your least expensive equipment (including helmets and gloves) and lock them at the bike park facility.
  • Carry your id (driver’s license), credit card and cash for merchandise and refreshments.

And if you’ll be outdoors, remember a sunhat!

Tail winds and thanks for reading!  
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